A/v Service Requests

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Requesting Equipment

To request AVM equipment, please submit a service ticket through My School Building. The submittal password is "password" (without the quotes.) Please note – only one event should be submitted per ticket. Please do not submit multiple events on a single ticket. Multiple events per ticket may result in an event being missed and equipment not being set up or made available.

Please include all AVM equipment needed, such as projector, screen, DVD player, VCR, microphone, etc. Requests for podiums, stands, flip charts, tables and chairs should be submitted to the Physical Plant department.

Please include dates and times AVM equipment will be needed, and a location if you wish Rockhurst University Computer Services (RUCS) to set up the equipment for you.

Student Organizations

Only organization presidents or pre-authorized members of student orginization, fraternities and sororities are permitted to check out AVM equipment. AVM equipment will not be loaned out for off-campus events.

Rules for borrowing a/v equipment

1. Equipment use is strictly for official Rockhurst events only (classroom, research, sponsored groups/events.) We do not "rent out" AVM equipment for non-official or general use.

2. Equipment for official Rockhurst events will be set up on the Rockhurst campus by RUCS at the designated event location. If a location is not provided, it is the borrower's responsibility to pick up the equipment from the RU Helpdesk.

3. Employee and borrower agree to be responsible for the equipment indicated.

4. The borrower’s department or organization assumes financial responsibility for loss, theft and/or damage of equipment incurred during the time the equipment is on loan to them.

5. Use of borrowed equipment by any other person, persons or group other than the employee or borrower listed on the requested service ticket is not permitted.

6. Equipment for Rockhurst non-business events (such as for campus clubs and Greek organizations) must be picked up at and returned to the RUCS Help Desk by the sponsoring Rockhurst employee or designated group official. RUCS may provide set up assistance upon request.

7. Please contact the RUCS Help Desk between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday for questions or assistance. AVM assistance may not be available outside these hours without prior notice.

8. Any equipment picked up from the RUCS Help Deck must be delivered back to the Help Desk in a timely manner. Any equipment not returned by the date and time specified on the requesting service ticket may result in that person or group not being allowed to borrow AVM equipment in the future. Any AVM equipment not returned by the date and time specified on the requesting service ticket may also result in financial charges being applied to the borrower’s account, charges not to exceed current replacement cost of AVM equipment.

9. To help ensure equipment is available for your event, please submit your request to borrow equipment no later than one week prior to your event. RUCS cannot guarantee AVM equipment will be available, as equipment availability is granted on a first-requested basis.