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Lecture Recording Instructions

First, write your name, course number and lecture number/class details on the dry erase board. 

This will clarify which lecture is recorded when checked for audio by Philip Colombo in e-learning.  

  • Philip will be sending you the link for your lecture so that you can add it to your Canvas. 

  • Reach out to him by email at:  .  


Clip the microphone piece on your shirt and place microphone device in pocket or on belt.  

  • Turn on microphone which will light up in green.  

  • Check for active audio capture on right side of monitor. You will see dynamic motion on the monitor when you speak. 

Laptop or USB Drive –Optional  

  • You may attach your laptop to the cables to include your digital content.  

  • You may also turn on the computer to insert your USB drive for digital content.  


Turn on the Extron/Crestron touchpad by touching start.  

  • Check the monitor screen to confirm you like the camera angle. I have more details on camera options at the end of this document.  

  • Touch record on Extron screen—either the word “record” or the red circle icon depending on your room.  

  • You will see the large red light (beacon) turn on when you are actively recording.  

  • Pause--If you need a break, touch the pause II on the screen. The beacon will flash red during the pause in your recording.  

  • Continue with Recording—Touch the record to start back up after a pause.  

  • Touch stop (square shape) to end the recording of your lecture.  

Finishing Up  

  • Be sure to turn off the microphone and return with a gentle click to charging dock. It will have a colored light when properly placed, red/green or red and green.  

  • Be sure that you touched stop to end recording time. The large red light (beacon) next to the Extron will be off. In room 204 this light is on the ceiling.  

  • Add the link to your Canvas after Philip Colombo sends it back to you.  

Additional Details 

Please work with the schedule in the Sign-Up Genius originally sent out on 3/12/2020 by Myles Gartland. More weeks will be added unless this plan changes.  

Contact the Help Desk for remote support at 816)501-4357. For assistance with attaching your laptop, please call the Help Desk. 


Camera Tips Room 200 and 205 

  • Select the camera button link you prefer from the preset option by clicking options 1-5 on the Extron. 
  • Option 4 is the most central option with a view of the center of the dry erase board. 


Camera Tips Room 204 

  • Select the camera button link you prefer from the preset option by clicking options 1-2 on the Extron. 
  • Option 2 is the best for emphasis on the left white board if you need to record problem solving or other written details as you lecture.  

Doc Cam—Option 

  • You may use the doc cam by selecting this on the Extron/Crestron touchpad and positioning the arm over the work center space.

  • This is helpful if you have printed pages you wish to flip through during your lecture or have active writing you need to present you cannot add to the white board.   

Blu-Ray Player Note 

The Blu-ray player will not record on a presentation at the content is protected and the recorder will not broadcast any HDCP protected content