Accessing your voicemail box remotely:

To access the box remotely you simply call your number and wait for your greeting/message to start and then hit the * key, this will put you into the message center where you can listen to and/or clear messages.

Reset Voicemail Password

If you need to reset your passcode to access your voicemail, please email your request to Lisa Heinrich ( or the Helpdesk (

Forwarding your office phone to your cell phone:

Two options:

  1. Hit the forward button and key in your cell number. You can do this, but any voicemail left will be in your cell phone voicemail system and no cc’d copy will go to your email.  You might be better off just leaving the phone un-forwarded and just replying to cc’d emails as necessary.  You will just need to keep the box cleared out as messages come in (see above regarding how to access your Voicemail Box Remotely).
  2. There is also a CCI-Anywhere option that can be set up so that the line can ring in both places – your desk or your cell and any message left will again go to your RU voicemail box.  This option can be active on your desk phone your phone by hitting the little “House” button, then settings, Features, UC-One Call Settings, Broadworks Anywhere, hit “Add”, give it a name – like “cell”, key in the cell number and hit save.  Use the back arrow to see the saved options, to enable it hit the one you just named and touch status to “enable” it.  Once you are back and want to disable it, you follow the same steps and choose to “disable” it. 

Web Portal Account

Your phone and voicemail settings can also be altered via a Web Portal account. To activate your Web Portal Account, please email your request to the Lisa Heinrich (, or the Help Desk ( .  You will receive an email with your temporary password, your user id is your full phone number (816501####) without dashes or spaces. The Portal site is located at  Your username is simply your phone number. 

This new password is only for the web portal access, it does not affect the numerical password you set up to listen to your voicemail (although you can change that password, too, via the Web Portal Account).

Voicemail to Email Only Option:

Voicemails can be directed to go only to your email and not hit your physical phone at all.  This option as well can be done in the Portal or I can set it for you.  Important: Before this option can be set, you must have cleared the box of any current messages and have your Spoken name and/or greeting set. Once this is complete contact Lisa Heinrich to edit your redirect, or to set up a portal account so that you may do this yourself.

There are other guides for basic phone usage located at this website:, you can also call 800.480.0080 for support issues or questions.